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It’s a very personal decision, when it’s about choosing between burial and cremation. This decision is usually made after considering different factors, such as religion, last wishes and family tradition of the deceased person.

  • Selecting A Grave

If you choose to go for burial, you should consider where this will happen. The local Funeral Director will assist you to get an idea of local rules/laws and availability. If you decide to buy a new grave, the local authorities in some places permit you to buy or reserve a grave space adjacent to the one to be utilised.


In case, you decide to utilise an already existing grave, maybe part of a family plot, then we can orchestrate to utilise that grave for you. We will ask for deeds, land registration certificates and any other documents related to the land where you want burial. If you don’t own these documents currently, then our team will also help you to find them. We will also make sure that if there’s any space and scope for burials.


The cost you have to consider while planning for a burial might include, buying a new grave, substitution of existing memorials and reviving an existing grave.


For the exclusive right of burial, there might be a charge. This means that there will be no further burials in the future in that grave without permission. Also, in some areas, you can buy this if you want to set up a memorial. We assist our clients on local charges.

  • The Simple Funeral

We offer a ‘Simple Funeral’ plan for people who willing to have a simple funeral. We guarantee to deliver our standard exceptional levels of care for your loved one. You’ll be happy to know that with us quality isn’t compromised.


The expense of ‘Simple Funeral’ is lower than the normal cost of a burial service arranged by us. Check our funeral plans for more info.