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People often find it quite difficult to handle the issues related to money after their partner’s demise. If you depended on the income that your partner was receiving, then there’s a possibility that now you have to survive on less amount of money.
At Arrange My Funeral, we will help you by providing advice on how to manage the income after the death of your partner.
Figure out how to survive with your reduced household budget. Analyse your situation and add all the cash you’re getting regularly in form of:

  • Work
  • Savings
  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Benefits

Then prepare a list of all your usual expenses and debts.

  • Family bills like food, clothing, phone bills, utility bills, TV bills etc.
  • Home loan or rent
  • Insurance
  • Travel costs either in your car or public transport
  • Store cards and credit cards
  • Surviving the Next Couple of Months

You won’t be able to access any money of your partner’s personal assets, until you’ve completed the legal process for getting access to their personal assets. Also, you may need to hold up for a few months before any life insurance company begins the process of paying you the money. Likewise, it might take a while for any death-in-service benefit amount offered by the employer of your partner to come to the rescue.

In case you’re stressed over your present or financial problems, here are a few things that may help you to survive.

  • Cutting Expenses

Since you have your essential budget plan, check whether there are any chances to make a couple of reductions.

  • Check Whether You’re Eligible for Any Benefits

Check whether you’re eligible for any benefits to help you through for a first few months while you work things out.

  • Surviving In Longer Term

The key is to survive in the first few months. However, you also need to consider how you’ll survive in the longer term. Also think about some bigger decisions and choices to help you have a better life in the future.