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It’s a very personal decision, when it’s about choosing between burial and cremation. This decision is usually made after considering different factors, such as religion, last wishes and family tradition of the deceased person.

  • What Is A Crematorium?

The building where cremations take place is known as a crematorium. It is the primary alternative to holding a burial service in the chapel. In a crematorium, a space is available which can be used to conduct a service, and there is also a graveyard and the garden outside.

  • The Service

If you choose to go for a cremation, one of the primary things to select is the type of service you might want and where it will be held. You might need to hold it inside the crematorium or, if you want, then you can hold the service somewhere else, for example in a church, and after that you can choose to have a quick service known as “committal” at the crematorium.

  • Costs

Depending on the area where you live, there’ll be variations in the charges for the crematorium. The local Funeral Director will tell you detailed information about what are the expenses for cremation in your local area.

  • Rules And Regulations For Cremations

There are limitations or restrictions about what might be cremated with the individual who has passed away – for instance materials, like a few metals are banned. However, you can speak to your Funeral Director, if you particularly want an item to stay with the deceased person.

  • The Simple Funeral

We offer a ‘Simple Funeral’ plan for people who willing to have a simple funeral. We guarantee to deliver our standard exceptional levels of care for your loved one. You’ll be happy to know that with us quality isn’t compromised.

The expense of ‘Simple Funeral’ is lower than the normal cost of a burial service arranged by us. Check our funeral plans for more info.