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Eulogy is a few words said by friends and relatives while remembering a deceased person at a funeral service.

Eulogies remind us that each of us has a special life and everyone is unique.

  • Eulogy

In the past, eulogies were usually written and delivered by priests in the chapel and this practise still continues, but only in traditional funeral services. However, things have changed and now personal experiences are shared by people attending the funeral.

  • Writing & Presenting A Eulogy

It’s a way of saying goodbye to the person who has died. It actually brings back the sweet memories of the decease person in the minds of the audience. People closed to the deceased person convey their thought about the person’s life, read something written by the deceased or read an emotional poem.


Writing & presenting a eulogy is something which isn’t easy for many of us. People often find it quite difficult to know where to start. At Arrange My Funeral, we can give you advice on how to write a eulogy and what content to include, making it sound more personal, unique and memorable.

  • Orders Of Service

Before, Orders of Service showcased just the name of the individual, their birth and demise date and the hymns to be sung. Now it incorporates photos, poetry or stories about the deceased person and such ceremonies are termed as ‘celebration’ of their lives.