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A funeral car that is utilised to carry the coffin from the family home or memorial service home to the funeral service and after that either to the graveyard or crematorium is known as a hearse.
At Arrange My Funeral, we ensure that each part of your loved one’s memorial service is personally customised to fit them, and that incorporates their final voyage. Whether you favoured soft and humble, or lively and vibrant – we know that everyone has a different taste and wishes for a customised service.

  • Traditional Hearses

We have an amazing fleet of black hearses and in a few areas we offer silver hearses that have turned out to be popular than the black. We take pride in ensuring that our hearses are kept in an exclusive condition. We have a wide range of funeral cars of different models and uses.

Funeral cars vary across the UK, but if there’s a particular model you want, and then let your Funeral Director know and they’ll do their best to assist you.

  • Alternate Funeral Vehicles

Nowadays, people are making efforts to personalise their memorial service by making a special tribute that reflects the life of their loved ones, through their choice of funeral wagon.

People are choosing to have their final journey in a vehicle that reflects their lifestyle. At Arrange My Funeral, we fully understand that this is a sensitive issue and offer full support in arranging your final journey in the vehicle of your choice.

  • Funeral Procession

The traditional memorial service parade or funeral procession is still prevalent, but it is now turning out to be more personalised as people are picking the course/route the memorial service parade takes. At Arrange My Funeral, we ensure that Funeral processions take place properly without any troubles.