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At Arrange My Funeral, we offer free advice and guidance, so you can deal with important issues like the Will and handling of your loved one’s work & affairs. We will provide assistance in finding a representative for legal services after you have made the burial service plans. The representative will answer any legal enquiries you may have.
This may also incorporate helping you to manage crucial issues like the Will and other administrative assignments.

  • Paying for Funeral from The Estate

The representative may even help with arranging the payment for the expenses of the funeral from the estate of the deceased person, and providing you extra peace and tranquillity. However, payment of funeral costs from the estate depends on the adequate number of items, which can be liquidated.

  • Access To The Will

Before finalising the funeral arrangements, you would prefer to have access to the Will as the deceased person may have stated their wishes and funeral requirements in it. Arrange My Funeral will support you in accessing the Will of your loved one before the funeral takes place.

  • Managing Your Loved One’s Estate/Property

In the UK, the law requires that proper management of the estate/property (left behind by the deceased person) must be carried out, which incorporates tax, legal, property and administrative affairs. In certain situations, a procedure known as Probate would be carried out. This is important even if the Will is present or not.
The management of estate/property of a deceased person can be complex and might take a lot of time to complete. A legal specialist can help you to overcome all the hurdles that might arise in the management of your loved one’s Will.