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Different kinds of Music are played at funerals, which can reflect and remember a person’s life.


The music you decide for a memorial service can be anything from conventional psalms and organ music or something more contemporary. As funerals turn out to be more unique and customised to showcase the life of the deceased individual, families are selecting personal favourites or contemporary melodies for the ceremony. Music can be light-hearted and full of emotions or it can even be played by a live performer.


For instance, people are increasingly picking:

  • Music the family associates with the individual. The personal favourite tracks of the deceased person.
  • Music which reflects the lifestyle and hobbies of the deceased person.
  • Live music, for example, jazz bands, guitars and bagpipes.

However, there might be a few restrictions on playing the music, which depends on the location. Although numerous churches and crematoriums permit contemporary music, in a few cases, they may not allow CDs to be played, but they may allow organ music.

Most crematoriums will offer:

  • An organist
  • You can pick from Pre-recorded music
  • A music system to play music of your choice

At Arrange My Funeral, we will offer advice and guidance on the issues related to music at the funeral ceremony.