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At Arrange My Funeral, we have vast experience in handling funerals for all, regardless of their religion, belief or culture. Our team is expert in arranging non-religious services.
Right now around three out of every four funerals that we organise in the UK can be termed as “traditional”. This implies they follow ceremonies of a specific religion or belief, by and large including a service conducted by a knowledgeable religious priest at a place of worship or the funeral home, which is then followed by burial or cremation.
However, there has been a rise in ‘contemporary’ funerals that have a small part of religion, whether it is a prayer or service by the priest. There is a level of personalisation and celebration of the deceased person’s life. The person’s life is remembered and expressed through flowers, music, words, or just decoration of the coffin.
Near about 10% of funerals arranged by us can be classified as ‘humanist’. These funerals are conducted by humanist officials, or by a close relative of the deceased. Such funerals exclusively focus on the life of the deceased by celebrating their accomplishments, personality and in fact their whole life.