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Analyzing your Insurance Cover after a Spouse/Partner Dies

If your spouse or partner has died recently, then one of the most important things to consider is to look into insurance cover left behind by them. There is a chance that you may prefer to change some of your existing policies also. Have a look at some of the insurance cover policies you need to consider after the demise of your loved one.

  • Life Insurance after Funeral

If you have a life insurance cover which is supposed to help your spouse/partner financially in the event you die, but instead your spouse/partner dies first, then there’s a chance that you don’t longer need the life insurance cover. If you had a joint life insurance policy with your spouse/partner, then you should decide whether you still need it or not.

  • Update Home Insurance after Funeral

It’s important to inform the building insurance and contents insurance providers, if a person listed on the policies dies. This might alter the amount of premium you have to pay. There’s a chance that your home insurance and content insurance providers are different. Ensure that you contact the service providers quickly to make the required changes.

  • Update Car Insurance after Funeral

If in your partner’s car insurance cover, you were a named driver, then it becomes crucial to find out whether you’re still covered or not. You might be left without car insurance as almost all the policies are terminated, if the main policy holder dies. To find out whether you’re covered or not, you should immediately contact the car insurance service provider.

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