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Everybody handles grief and sorrow in her/his own way. We can’t define the right way to handle pain. The decision rests upon you, whether you wish to visit the deceased person or not. At Arrange My Funeral, we are always there for you to discuss this issue with full support of whatever decision you choose to make.
Many people believe that visiting the deceased person can be quite helpful in reducing the level of grief and sorrow. In almost every culture around the world, it’s a normal practise to say the last goodbye to a loved one who has just died.
However, we completely understand that it’s not easy for everyone to see their loved one for the last time. Believe us, this is absolutely natural.
If you decide to visit the deceased person, then we can offer private remembrance rooms at the funeral homes. You can see your loved one in one of those rooms in a completely calm and peaceful atmosphere.
We will allow you to customise the remembrance room with photos, or maybe a collection of personal possessions or mementos that will remind you of the favourite pastimes, hobbies and interest of your loved one. You are welcome to spend as much time in the remembrance room as you wish. We will ensure that your visit is completely personal, but it depends on you to figure out how to say goodbye.