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What is a Woodland Burial?

Nowadays, people across the UK have become more aware of recycling and various other environmental issues. In coming days, we will be witnessing more and more people picking environmentally friendly coffins and woodland burials.

According to a recent study, it has been noticed that woodland burial grounds have become quite popular among people who are searching for an alternative to graveyards and cemeteries. In the UK at present, there are more that 200 woodland burial locations and the numbers are increasing at a quick speed.

Woodland graveyards are natural environments, for example, meadows or wooded territories which can offer lovelier, serene final resting places. They have a tendency to include the planting of a natural memorial, for example, a tree and a simple wooden sign rather than a customary gravestone.

There is an additional emphasis on protecting the natural magnificence of the earth and empowering wildlife and greenery. At our woodland cemetery we offer a complete burial service, working closely with the families to sort out customised and interesting woodland funerals.

  • Ecological Considerations

As humans are becoming more aware of ecological issues, we are witnessing an expansion in the number of individuals wishing to arrange funerals which have a minimum effect on the environment.
Even though the trend has just started, demands for environmentally friendly coffins made from recycled materials is surely set to grow.